SAXS application overview


Discover how X-ray scattering in the lab can help you move science forward!

In your everyday research, you may be looking for information on your samples at the nanoscale to answer scientific questions and move science and innovation forward.   

Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) is a versatile technique that provides a large number of structural information on a variety of materials. 

This SAXS application overview highlights the key insights that you can obtain with SAXS measurements in the lab for several fields of research:

- Food science

- Cosmetics and consumer care

- Polymers

- Nanoparticles and colloids

- Renewable energy and storage

- Inorganic materials

- Biostructural research.

For each research field, you will discover:

- An overview of the various information obtained with SAXS 

- A vast literature review 

- Some relevant examples of characterization questions and solutions provided by SAXS in the lab, showcased in detail.      

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